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Yes, it is a safe site! Really value for money! Every detail is perfect. Nothing to criticize. Even with a few extras added to the box, it makes the whole thing look bigger than it should be. 10/10 I also bought wigs in different styles and colors, really cool. Can’t wait to do her hair, makeup, dress her in different outfits and bring her to life (a story I’m writing) 10/10 plus a shoot recommendation!

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Yes, the service I got was amazing! Everyone answered all my questions and was so friendly! The product itself is of very high quality, as described. Overall, from the moment I started unboxing this doll exceeded my expectations and we really enjoyed our time together. An investment that paid off for me! Thanks to the cs team for helping along the way and making sure I get my daughter the way I want! review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, this is a reliable vendor. She’s so real, it’s crazy to love her! ! It looks so much better in person! When ordering, I was worried that I wouldn’t like the look and function of the doll, but personally, it looks and works great. It’s easy to clean and feels great. I prefer the shoulders to sit flat, but a nice bonus is that it helps tops with smaller arms. Nice to have dolls. I would recommend this seller!

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Yes, it’s a legit company. Great service as always! I have purchased from this seller on several occasions and have again been very pleased with the prompt service, helpful communication, and quality product. I want to commend this seller for being arguably the best in the business, they know what they are doing, they offer a quality product, great value for money, you get a lot of extras with your purchase and the customer service is like no other provider . Conclusion: value for money, perfect experience.